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Here is a list of the upcoming Shows
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Scouting Super Mom - Wednesday, February 6th  
Start time is 10:00 am PST - We are joined by Linda Ann Horvath a true Scouting Super Mom. She is the mother to seven kids on the Autism Spectrum in including a set of twin boys and twin girls. We will be joined by her and talk about her journey in scouting with her kids.

Transitions in Scouting - Sunday, February 10th
Start time is 2:00 pm  PST - Autism and Scouting original content. We will give tips and advice when it comes to how you can help your scouts with Autism deal with transitions.

Dad, I'm going in! - A story of Inspiration - Saturday, February 16th 
Start time is 10:00 am PST - Dad, I am going In! was an article that was written by Stanley Jaskiewicz.

We will be joined by Stanley and his wife Judy and Peter who is now a Life Scout on his way to Eagle. 
This was a article that was written by Stanley Jaskiewicz about the adventures he had with his son Peter at summer camp and turned into a story of inspiration.
Please come join this dynamic trio as we talk about the story about his Peter's journey in scouting and his words of wisdom he can depart on other parents, scout leaders and other scouts
Double the Fun with Quentin and Augustus - Wednesday, February 20th
Start time is 1:00 pm PST - This will be a fun show! We will be joined by Quentin and Augustus who are both Second Class Boy scouts and twin brothers. We will celebrate their journey in scouting. Both boys are on the Autism Spectrum are enjoying their scouting journey together. I am sure that this will be fun show for sure.

World Autism Awareness Day - Tuesday, April 2nd
Start time is 10 am PST - Join us on World Autism Awareness Day when we talk about Autism acceptance and all things Autism.

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