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The great thing about Autism and Scouting Radio is that all of the shows we broadcast are available to listen to in archive at any time for FREE. This provides a great opportunity for you to share favorite broadcasts with friends, family and your social network.

We provide links below for each broadcast as well as details about that broadcast and a link to any blog posts we made about that broadcast. All programs are 30 minutes in length unless indicated otherwise.

July 6th, 2012     Welcome to Autism and Scouting Radio  Guest Karen Krejcha
July, 11th 2012  Tony Mei Working with Scouts with disabilities  Guest Tony Mei
July 20th, 2012    The Great Race 2 Autism Awareness    Guest Sean Williams
July, 26th  2012   Cub Master Scouter Adam                   Guest Adam Cox
July, 27th 2012    Tiger Cub Ryan and his view                 Guest Tiger Cub Ryan
July, 31st 2012     A Mom's Perspective on Scouting        Guest Erika Schron
August, 2nd 2012 -Talking inclusion with Alexander          Guest Alexander Piela
August 8th, 2012   2013 disabilities Awareness Challenge Guest Tony Mei
August 22nd, 2012 Jennifer O'Toole and Theory of Mind  Guest Jennifer Cook O'Toole
August 29th, 2012 Website working with Scouts with disAbilities  Guest Tony Mei
Sept. 11th, 2012      Special Needs Crew 88                     Guest Sean Willams
Sept. 12th, 2012      BSA Special Needs Committee          Guest Tony Mei
Sept. 13th, 2012     Autism and Scouting Turns 2                Autism and Scouting Content
Sept. 19th, 2012    Troop 5280 - A Transition Troop        Guest Karen Mansfield
Sept. 21st 2012      Troop 2 - A Panel Roundtable            Guests - Heaton, Pope and Pope
Sept. 25th 2012  Fundraising for Scouts on the Spectrum   Autism and Scouting Content
Sept. 26th 2012     Advancement in Boy Scouts               Guest Karen Mansfield
Sept. 27th 2012     Scouts can be Successful                    Guest Lindsay Foster
Oct. 3rd 2012        Advancement and ISAP                     Guest Tony Mei
Oct. 4th 2012        Aspergers and Girl Scouts                   Guest Lindsay Foster
Oct. 10th 2012      Bullying and Scouting                           Autism and Scouting Content
Oct. 18th 2012      Juggling Scouts in different Programs    Guest Schron and Foster
Oct. 22nd 2012     Re-broadcast of Advancement with Karen Mansfield 
Oct. 24th 2012      Boards of Review                               Autism and Scouting Content
Oct. 28th 2012      Re-broadcast of Tiger Cub Ryan
Oct. 31st 2012      Parades- Practical Tips to help scouts  Autism and Scouting Content
Nov. 1st  2012      Unlocking Special Interest in Scouting    Guest Jennifer Cook-O'Toole
Nov. 6th 2012       Report from CPC Training Conference  Autism and Scouting Content
Nov. 7th 2012      2013 Scout Jamboree                            Guest Tony Mei
Nov. 8th 2012      Cadette Mary Grace                              Guest Mary Grace and her Mom
Nov. 14th 2012    Re-broadcast of Transition Troop 5280
Nov. 27th 2012    A Triumphant Cub Scout Story               Guest Shannon Spilker
Dec. 7th 2012    Soaring with Eagles                                   Eagle Scout Joey
Dec. 13th 2012   Woodbadge- A Journey in Leadership     Dawn Cromwell
Dec. 20th 2012   Tiger Cub Returns                                   Tiger Cub Ryan and his Mom
Dec. 31st 2012   Autism and Scouting 2012 Year in Review   Autism and Scouting Content
Jan. 18th 2013    Eagle Scout Richard - Story of Inspiration   Richard Williams
Jan. 30th 2013    Unit Special Needs Coordinator                 Sean Williams
40th Show -  Feb. 1st 2013     Autism Leadership Training 2013    Autism and Scouting Content

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